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Our Mission

The recent enforcement of the Families First Preservation Services Act, sweeping federal legislation which eliminates the traditional use of group homes like Kinderhaven, has made it impossible for Kinderhaven to continue to serve our local children as we have been for the past 25 years. Despite every possible attempt to the contrary, we must acknowledge our inability to exist within the parameters of the new law.  


We have found the opportunity in this significantly challenging moment for our organization. Your incredible generosity allows us to support other local organizations dedicated to protecting and enriching children and families.


Kinderhaven is now Kinderhaven Foundation, under the same nonprofit designation. Here is our plan: We are thrilled that our Kinderhaven Home will again be filled with the sounds of children!  We have leased the building to Bonner Homeless Transitions to bring to life our community’s first women & children’s crisis shelter.  


This will make a powerful impact on women with children fleeing situations such as violent homes or extreme poverty. 


What’s next? Crisis’ can take form in many ways, such as housing, food, medical, mental health, etc. and the Foundation will be looking closely at where those dollars are best at work in our community in the future by providing community grants to local entities and non profits. Please click the grants tab to learn more. 

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